Black Star Aikido Academy has been created to work alongside its founding Organisation namely Black Star Aikido, founded in 1991.


The Academy was set up in 2016 to further the development and promotion of traditional Aikido in the United Kingdom and Europe.


There are lots of small Aikido Dojos in the U.K that are led by first class instructors who have broken away from larger bodies.


These instructors may run their own dojos and even collections of other dojos. They may well be Chief Instructors in their own right. Such individuals may find it problematic in finding an avenue to fulfil their next grading.


The Academy will provide a route so that such independent students & instructors may follow to facilitate reaching their Black Belt or Next Dan Rank.





Tony J Brown is the Founder of The Academy. He has taught throughout  England & Scotland, and is regularly invited to teach in Europe. He is a National Coach Tutor and NVQ Assessor.
He is a published author of "The Way of the Black Star"  Aikido Basics
He will provide authentic ratification of all new grades. These will be recognised within the  best of the worlds martial arts communities.
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